Proper Format of a Research Paper

Proper Format of a Research PaperThe great majority of students find formatting research papers tedious and rather complicated. Well, we agree that there are too many rules and requirements that you have to follow. Still, your ability to stick to all of them is one of the important signs of a proper research paper.
There are two major formats, MLA and APA, which are used for writing proper research papers. The choice of a proper format of a research paper depends on the discipline you are writing for.
We have already mentioned that each format has many specific rules. However, some of them are similar for both formats. If you stick to, at least, these basic rules, you have a chance to produce a proper research paper.
So, this is what a proper format of research papers is all about.
Proper format of a research paper: rule #1
Both research paper formats require you to use some standard fonts, such as Times New Roman, Courier New, Arial, and some others.
Proper format of a research paper: rule #2
Proper research papers should have 1 inch margins on all sides of the document.
Proper format of a research paper: rule #3
Use double-spacing throughout the text of your research paper. It also refers to quotations, title and Works Cited pages.
Proper format of a research paper: rule #4
Giving credit to sources that you use is another important requirement for a proper research paper. Citations are usually organized in parentheses and they include the author’s last name and the number of a page.
So, these simple rules can be used for research papers in both formats.
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