300 Words about Research Paper Formatting

300 Words about Research Paper FormattingResearch paper format requirements are one of the most hated aspects that any student can think of. Several styles are used for research paper formatting, and each one is about numerous peculiarities that you should learn.
Usually, every time you are assigned a research paper, a teacher provides necessary research paper formatting instructions. They may be a bit different from those official research paper formatting rules that you can find in manuals.
However, the basic requirements for research paper formatting do not change. Let us remind you them once again.
Research paper formatting: page margins
No matter what format you have to use (MLA or APA), you need to set 1-inch margins on all sides.
Research paper formatting: fonts
For both formats, legible and standard fonts are required. As a rule, you can use Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, etc. Italics and ornamental fonts are allowed for the titles of the books, articles, or if you want to make an emphasis on something in your text.
Research paper formatting: spacing and indentation
Both formats require a double-spaced text. Rules for indentation are a bit different. MLA format requires 5 spaces, while APA – 5-7 spaces.
Research paper formatting: pagination
Page numbers appear in the upper right hand corner.
These are just general requirements for research paper formatting, and we know that many students fail to memorize and use all of them. If you also find it difficult, you can get professional help from custom writing companies. Believe us, this will save you time and nerves.
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