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Preparing For A GRE Essay
A GRE essay is part of one of the most important tests students would take to present themselves as capable candidates for graduate study programs or to gain entry into business schools. The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) General Test scores essentially measures quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills of candidates. The analytical portion consists of two writing tasks. One is to present a perspective on an issue and the other is to analyze an argument. Both the components consist of responding to specific topics given into a word processor built into the GRE program. The importance of the test lies in the fact that more than 600,000 students seeking to enter graduate school from nearly 230 countries attempt the GRE every year.
There are some details which students need to follow in order to successfully preparation.
1. The first essay is of 45-minute duration in which students present their viewpoint on an issue. Essentially, two issues are offered from a total of 245 topics, which are listed on the GRE website. The students have to take a stand on them and present effective arguments for the stand taken.
2. The second essay has to be completed within 30 minutes and would test students for their critical reasoning and analytical writing skills. In this case, one topic is offered to students from 245 topics.
3. Though students from different countries and different educational programs attempt the GRE essay test, it presents a common platform for fellowship panels to assess international students. It adds weight to the undergraduate scores and recommendations.
4. Preparation is the key to success in a GRE test. Students must review samples on the topics mentioned in both the sections. There are important aspects they need to pay attention to like how scores are evaluated and scored sample essay responses.
5. The topics in both the sections are general in nature to ensure that students from different fields could attempt them. They do not have to have any special knowledge about them, but building a knowledge base to be able to attempt any topic from the list would be a good idea.
6. Students are being test for preparedness to join college. Therefore, they would have to demonstrate complex thinking capabilities and persuasive skills, which are necessary to succeed in graduate school.
7. Timing is very important while writing the academic essay. Students have to edit their essay once it is written. Leaving it for the last moment may leave students with insufficient time to correct blunders and grammatical errors.
8. The scoring pattern is based on a 6-point scale. Scores are allotted by readers based on overall performance in organization, sentence structure, ideas, and language. Readers would assess and allot scores on their combined assessments of all these aspects.
9. The process of assessment is very fair, Two readers chosen randomly to assess each response. Complete anonymity is maintained. If there is a difference in the scores for the same response, it is passed on to a third reader.
10. The essays have to be original. Any attempt to give into plagiarism would result in cancellation of the response. The board uses complex detection software to detect duplicate content in a GRE essay. The examiners are also highly experienced.
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