Writing Qualitative Research Proposals: Basic Principles

Writing Qualitative Research Proposals: Basic PrinciplesBefore we present you the basic principles of writing qualitative research proposals, let us remind you what qualitative research is about.
So, qualitative research is used for exploring various phenomena. The main question one needs to answer is “why” something happens. There are different methods of carrying out qualitative research and collecting information: interviews, observations, working with notes, videos, etc. No matter what subject you are writing on, your project may require qualitative research.
Now, let us get back to writing qualitative research proposals. Particularly, we will talk about the necessary elements of a good proposal.
Writing qualitative research proposals: introduction
Introduce the main question you intend to answer. Explain why you find this issue interesting and why it needs to be studied. When writing the introduction of your qualitative research proposal, tell about the target audience as well.
Writing qualitative research proposals: conceptual foundation of your research
Here you need to give details about your research paradigm. Explain what you expect to accomplish and cite the works of other authors related to your research area.
Writing qualitative research proposals: methods
Define and give details about research methods you are going to use. Try to explain in details how you are going to collect and analyze information when writing your qualitative research proposal.
Writing qualitative research proposals: hypotheses and suppositions
Writing this part of the qualitative research proposal presupposes making a summary of the reviewed literature. You also need to explain how reviewed literature affected your choice of approaches to research.
Now you know how to write a qualitative research proposal and what elements to include.
Do you know what makes a good research or what primary research papers are about? You can find necessary details in our next articles.
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