MBA Dissertation Proposals: Basic Elements

MBA Dissertation Proposals: Basic ElementsDo you want to get your MBA degree? You definitely want, and you are sure it is the last step to your brilliant career in the field of business.
Yet, do you know that your degree and career depend on how successfully you write your MBA dissertation proposal? If you fail to make a good MBA dissertation proposal, you will not be allowed to work on your dissertation further, thus, will not get the degree.
Our writers can help you with this important stage and give some recommendations for writing effective MBA dissertation proposals. Particularly, we want to focus on the basic elements that any MBA dissertation proposal should include.
MBA dissertation proposals: your topic/research question/hypothesis
Introduce your research area. Prove that your topic is broad enough and it allows you to work with various materials. Yet, make sure it is rather narrow and specific for you to carry out a detailed investigation.
MBA dissertation proposals: rationale for research
It is high time to explain why your research is valuable and prove that your findings will be significant.
MBA dissertation proposals: research objectives
Here you should clearly explain what you want to achieve. Many students simply provide a detailed list of their goals, e.g.:
To evaluate an impact of something;
To define how certain markets work;
MBA dissertation proposals: research methodology
In this part of your MBA dissertation proposal, you need to explain and prove that the chosen methods will help to achieve your goals. You may discuss the advantages of each method and disadvantages of those methods that you rejected. In the methodology section, you can also talk about mixing different methods and results it might lead to.
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