Research Papers on Frankenstein: Things You May Talk about

Research Papers on Frankenstein: Things You May Talk aboutDo you know what students usually discuss in research papers on Frankenstein? Well, most of them talk how humans tend to play the role of God. Some students also try to touch upon current burning issues in their Frankenstein research papers like cloning, stem cell research, etc.
While these are not bad issues to consider in Frankenstein research papers, there are some other things you can focus on. We are glad to help you and provide additional ideas to develop in your research paper on Frankenstein.
Research papers on Frankenstein: discussing other themes depicted in the novel
Were you attentive enough when reading the novel? Then, you should have noticed some other important themes covered by the author.
In your research paper on Frankenstein , discuss the following:
Dangerous knowledge – do we really have to know the “secret of life”?
Monstrosity – what other things in the novel are ugly and monstrous
Texts – why are there so many notes, letters, journals in the novel?
Research papers on Frankenstein: talking about the literary devices
Discuss this issue in your research paper on Frankenstein if you want to demonstrate your deep understanding of the novel. One of the literary devices you may tell about is the depiction of passive women. Why do all female characters in the novel suffer in this or that way?
Research papers on Frankenstein: commenting quotes, making parallels
Your research paper on Frankenstein can be based on one of your favorite quotations and explanations to it. Or, you may draw parallels between the protagonist and antagonist of the novel – Victor Frankenstein and the Monster.
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