Sell Your Essays: Help Others, Get Your Benefit!

Sell Your Essays: Help Others, Get Your Benefit!You have decided to tidy up your room and put everything on places before the next academic year begins. Well, it is not a bad idea! The only problem you have is that you do not know what to do with all essays and other papers you have found. Besides, the same huge number of works is stored on your computer, and you have no clue what to do with them as well.
Sure, your essays are not a useless pile of paper. So many efforts and time were put into them, and just throwing this stuff away seems to be silly and even a bit cruel.
Actually, you do not have to do this. A perfect option is to sell your essays, especially if you have A+ projects. Probably, you have already thought about selling your essays but several disturbing questions prevent you from doing that. We are ready to answer them and help you sell your essays.
Is it legal to sell essays?
It is the main question that you want to have an answer to. Maybe, you have asked some friends of yours and the answer was “No, it is illegal to sell essays!”
They are not exactly right. You are free to sell things that belong to you, including your past works. People who buy essays that you sell might have some troubles, but anyway it is their decision.
Where can you sell essays?
The best thing you can do is find specific websites and essay banks that buy essays. But, probably, you will be able to find some people straight on campus to sell your essays to.
How much money will you get for selling essays?
If you sell essays to essay banks, you may get from $20 to $200. Better discuss everything with them. If you decide to sell essays on your own, you will have to set up prices. Sure, the price will depend on the quality of your works. Yet, it seems that 8-10 bucks per page would be enough.
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