MPhil Dissertations/Theses: Several Important Points to Consider

MPhil Dissertations/Theses: Several Important Points to ConsiderMaster of Philosophy (a degree that you want to get) is rather a prestigious thing and one of the steps to getting a PhD degree. Even if you do not plan to write a PhD dissertation one day, your MPhil degree can tell a lot about you as a talented researcher and an expert in a certain filed.
Anyway, you will get this degree only after you complete and defend an MPhil thesis or dissertation, and this is what you should concentrate on right now.
Unfortunately, in a 300-word article, we will not be able to tell about all peculiarities of writing MPhil theses and dissertations. However, information presented here will be a good starting point.
The gist of MPhil dissertations/theses
In a few words, you will be dealing with an independent and original research. If to be more precise, there should be a kind of idea that you believe to be true. You will have to prove it when writing your MPhil dissertation.
Besides, do not forget that you have a chance to keep on researching your topic when writing a PhD dissertation.
Skills that you have to demonstrate when writing your MPhil dissertation/thesis
These are some important sills that you are supposed to demonstrate:
Critical and independent thinking;
Research skills;
Ability to choose the most effective methods of research;
Ability to plan your time and work.
Time that you will have for competing your MPhil dissertation/thesis
You will have two or three years for completing your MPhil thesis or dissertation. As a rule, MPhil dissertations and theses are 20,000-60,000 words long. It seems to be rather long, but you have enough time.
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