Problem Solving Essays: Do You Have a Problem to Tackle?

Problem Solving Essays: Do You Have a Problem to Tackle?Do you have some problems at school, at home, with your friends, or teachers? Even if you do not face problems of that kind, we are sure you have some other challenges that you do not know how to manage. It is just that our world goes this way. People always have some difficulties that they have to overcome.
Finally, you have a brilliant chance to come up with the best solution to your problems because you have to prepare a problem solving essay. Let us give you more details about this kind of work and the ways to complete it.
Actually, there are two major ways to write essays on problem solving.
Writing problem solving essays: way #1
This first way is quite easy and does not require additional research. What you should do is examine the problem you have. If you have no problems, think about some past challenges.
Then, in your problem solving essay, you need to explain how you are going to solve the problem or what you did to solve some challenges in the past.
If your problem solving essay is devoted to past problems, describe all attempts to solve them, both failing and successful.
Writing problem solving essays: way #2
This way is a bit more difficult, and you will have to deal with more serious and controversial problems.
To complete your problem solving essay, you will have to use the so-called Rogerian arrangement developed by Carl Rogers. It boils down to solving problems by coming up with a compromise, not winning an argument.
Such problem solving essays have the following sections:
Introduction – explain what your problem is all about;
Paragraph 1 – discuss the opposing arguments;
Paragraph 2 – introduce your arguments;
Paragraph 3 – introduce the areas of agreement;
Resolution – give a compromise that allows solving the problem and satisfying both sides.
So, to succeed in writing your problem solving essay, ask your teacher first what he/she is expecting for. You can also read our articles about an essay on school violence and essay on terrorism, since these are acute problems that require solutions.
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