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The Essence Of A Good Law Essay
A law essay is meant to be written usually by law students who understand the nuances of legal terminology and its usage. Students who practice law would have a general idea about what to include in the essay. For example, there is a difference between ethics and law. If an ethical code is violated, one would have to face disciplinary action and face a committee that would decide on what measures could be taken to highlight and stop further breach. It is not backed by law and can be relaxed from case to case depending on the circumstanced. In the case of a law being broken, one could face police action. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, punishment would be given by a court of law following statutory guidelines.
While ethics is meant to educate people on the merits of having them in society, laws are meant to correct offenders who have crossed the limits set by a legal system set up by the same society. For instance, a corporate punishment essay would reflect the norms set down by society under both ethics and law. Depending on the level of damage corporal punishment would have inflicted on the victim, the law might take over. Laws are drafted, approved, and made into law by a government which consists of members elected by the people. In some cases, states have some laws that can be enforced within its jurisdiction, while Federal laws are enforced by the Federal government.
Students who have to write a law essay should plan it and incorporate laws properly and completely. There is no room for hypothesis or introducing a personal point of view unless it is backed by solid evidence. Planning also includes getting out of school or college and keeping in touch with the latest amendments to the law. They should not forget to include the basic elements of essay writing. The introduction would focus on the essay question and come up with the essay statement that is precise. It might reflect the direction the essay is going to take. Details regarding the direction to be followed would be elaborated in the body of the essay with emphasis on verifying that all statements comply with statutory requirements of law. Legal terms could be used considering the audience. The conclusion would summarize the facts presented earlier.
It is vital that students understand the meaning of legal terms used in an essay question, which invariably provides guidelines and expects answers to be answered in a particular manner. For example, an essay on death penalty would have severe repercussions, if the law which enforces the death penalty is defined or elaborated upon in a haphazard way. Assessment would be done based on evidence, representation of facts, and the authenticity of the language used in a law essay. Students can refer to reliable sources over the internet.

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