Research Paper Essays: An Essay or What?

Research Paper Essays: An Essay or What?You have one major question right now – what exactly do you have to prepare, an essay or a research paper? Sure, at a glance, the task to write a research paper essay sounds vague and confusing. Yet, let us explain you something about research paper essays.
In fact, everything is very simple. A research paper, in other words, is called an extended essay. What it means is that you will have to deal with an essay, but just a longer one, with more facts, deeper research, etc.
Yet, among students and many teachers, this kind of work is known as a standard research paper. Anyway, you have to prepare a research paper essay, so let us provide information about it.
Typical features of research paper essays
If you have the following in your paper, you may count on a high grade:
a research question;
several good sources used to cover a research paper essay topic;
necessary references to the sources used;
a proper structure.
Now, let us give more details about each item in this list.
A research question – this is what actually distinguishes a research paper essay from a mere report. A research question is something that you are going to investigate and answer.
Good sources – a well-written research paper essay cannot be based on Web resources only as many students do these days. You will have to find a couple of credible books and articles in the library.
Documenting sources – this is one of the distinctive features of a research paper essay. You are going to use some sources and ideas of other scholars to prepare your research paper essay. Every book and any other source should be accurately documented. Otherwise, you will be accused of cheating and plagiarizing.
Read our next article about a research papers thesis, because it is also very important for this kind of work.
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