An Essay Overview: Everything about the Most Frequently Assigned Task

An Essay Overview: Everything about the Most Frequently Assigned TaskDefinitely, you have noticed that essays are a favorite pedagogical tool of almost any teacher. Your discussion of any new topic in class sooner or later ends up with essay writing.
However, what do you know about the most frequently assigned paper? We mean what other facts you know except those that an essay should have an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions, and that you should be very careful with the topic of your essay?
It is high time to make an overview of essays and introduce some other important info about this kind of work.
Essay overview: a definition
This is how an online dictionary defines an essay: “A short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author”
Essay overview: a bit of history
The first essays were written in the 16th century, mainly for literature purposes. Sir Francis Bacon was the first to use the term “essay”. Here you can find an overview of essay history – www. paulgraham. com/essay.html.
Essay overview: writing forms
The expository form of writing is usually used for preparing essays. In a few words, it means that an author intends to explain something.
Essay overview: essays outside schools and colleges
Essays are required not only in schools and colleges. There are a lot of professions (connected with literature, journalism, business) where you might be asked to make essays on regular basis
Essay overview: debates over structuring
A five-paragraph structure is commonly used for writing essays in school. However, some critics disagree with this structure and believe that it puts some limits on how ideas can be expressed.
So, this is a brief essay overview. On our blog, you will also find useful info about argumentative essay topics.
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