The Lottery Essay

Summarizing The Lottery Essay
The lottery essay should not actually encourage students to look at lottery as something they can indulge in. Lottery is a form of gambling, where one parts with a small amount of money with the hope of getting massive returns. Some countries give it a legal entity by endorsing a state-sponsored lottery, while others simply do not allow any form of lottery. Over the years, people have come to accepts lottery as part of human psyche to earn wealth faster than a normal way of earning a living. Writers who have had the opportunity to write a poverty essay can vouch for the fact that poor people show maximum tendencies of resorting to lotteries. They need to escape from a life full of deprivation and shame. A lottery gives them a chance to earn big money instantly. Some of the reasons that spur people on to buy lottery tickets can be discussed.
The rich do it for a thrill. The power of money increases the capacity to buy more tickets, which in turn increases the probability of winning a lottery. For example, in a lotto system, 6 numbers are chosen from 49. If the numbers drawn match the lotto result, the buyer wins a jackpot. A mathematics essay can elaborate on the odds of winning, which is 1 in 14 million. The more tickets you buy, the better the odds. This is what encourages people to buy more tickets. People who have time and money on their hands start off by trying to beat the odds. Later, it becomes a habit which gives them a temporary high while awaiting the results.
The internet has been instrumental in spreading the message that lotteries are there to stay. People sitting in remote places can now anonymously take part in online lotteries. Credit card transactions take place almost instantly. Disappointment of not winning doesn’t hurt that much as it is done in anonymity. Also, the lottery essay should stress on the fact that online lotteries offer very high stakes. A winner can take home astronomical amounts of money. Another important factor that has attracted millions to the online lottery is the fact that there is little worry of facing a physical threat, as all transactions are done online. Lottery operators take care that they do not declare the names of winners publicly to protect their identity. Authenticity is maintained through the use of credit verification procedures and security-backed online systems.
Lottery operators make it a point to come out with new schemes. It is getting more and more attractive to participate in it. Governments have failed to educate the masses about the dangers of participating in lotteries, so they did the next best thing. They introduced state-run lotteries and use the income generated for various development programs that need state funding. It is another way of putting money to good use. People have realized this and are more willing to participate in such lotteries. The lottery essay should emphasize that the temptation to participate in lottery is very high. It may or may not bring about the desired results, but the urge to gamble for a better living or just for the thrill of it is getting more and more difficult to resist.

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