Qualitative Research Proposals: Not Easy but Exciting!

Qualitative Research Proposals: Not Easy but Exciting!Actually, “not easy but exciting” refers not exactly to writing qualitative research proposals but to qualitative research itself. The thing is that this kind of research is considered to be rather challenging.
You will have to investigate a certain problem or phenomenon in the natural setting. What it means is that such research is emergent and its results are unpredictable.
Anyway, you have weighed all pros and cons, decided that this type of research is what you need, and now have to make a proposal for qualitative research.
Let us help you at this stage of your research. Below we list some essentials of qualitative research proposals.
Purposes of writing qualitative research proposals
Well, they do not significantly differ from those of writing a typical proposal. So, your qualitative research proposal should:
Introduce your research plan to the reader;
Be a detailed plan of actions for you;
Prove your ability to conduct research.
Questions that your qualitative research proposal should answer
There are three major questions that your qualitative research proposal should answer:
Why should your research be interesting to somebody?
Is your research planned enough to achieve the expected results?
Are you capable of carrying out this research?
Sections of your qualitative research proposal
The main components of your qualitative research proposal are also similar to those in a typical proposal. They are:
Introduction – introduce your topic and research question;
Literature review – discuss related literature and theories;
Methods and design – approaches to research, data gathering, etc;
Dissemination plan;
Appendices (if necessary).
If you need more explanations, find and analyze a couple of qualitative research proposal samples.
Good luck with your research! Be patient and do not give up! Read our article about research paper note cards, which might help you with your research as well.
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