Research Paper Note Cards: A System of Organizing Information

Research Paper Note Cards: A System of Organizing InformationMaking a good research paper is not an easy mission. However, there are a lot of ways to make your work and life easier. Using research paper note cards is one of them.
Have you never used research paper note cards? Do you have no clue how to organize them and what the right research paper note card format is? Then let us answer these important questions.
What are research paper note cards all about?
In a few words, research paper note cards can be defined as a system of organizing information that you are going to use in order to prepare your paper.
In reality, a research paper note card is just a piece of paper or a 3×5 index card that has some information related to the topic you are covering.
What information do research paper note cards include?
Actually, you will have to put on a card anything you do not know about the topic. Mind that you will use ideas of different authors. It means that in order not to plagiarize, you will have to paraphrase, summarize, or quote the ideas of other authors.
What is the right research paper note card format?
When talking about research paper note card format, we mean the right organization of a note card.
Any research paper note card should include the following important elements:
Topics or the main idea that is highlighted in the upper left-hand corner;
Sources of information in the upper right-hand corner;
The number of page where you found this idea in the bottom right-hand corner;
Paraphrased ideas in the middle of your research paper note card.
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