Biometrics Research Papers: Simple Things to Discuss

Biometrics Research Papers: Simple Things to DiscussProbably, at the moment you know some general facts about biometrics. You know that it is designed to increase security and it uses some devices that can analyze the parts of the human body.
Sure, it is a general understanding of biometrics technology that is not enough to write biometrics research papers. Yet, it is a starting point for you, and what you should do now is conduct additional research.
Actually, you do not have to go deep into details. If you want, look through white and technical papers on biometrics (this website is quite good You may come across some interesting ideas to highlight in your biometrics research paper like the use of biometrics after 9/11.
Yet, biometrics research papers can be devoted to rather simple things, and you may use the following plan.
Point 1
Start your biometrics research paper with the background information. Say a few words about the history of this technology, explain why PIN’s and cards became less popular, and why people should be concerned with biometrics.
Point 2
Then, provide in your biometrics research paper more details about specific methodologies used in biometrics. Discuss the following:
fingerprint verification;
voice verification;
signature verification;
voice recognition;
retinal and iris scanning.
Briefly tell what each methodology is all about. Explain in your biometrics research paper the benefits and flaws of each methodology.
Point 3
Finally, tell in your biometrics research paper about current and future applications of this technology. Current applications include prison visitor system, drivers’ licenses, benefit payment system, voting systems, etc.
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