Research Paper Information: Where to Find It

Research Paper Information: Where to Find ItNo matter whether you have to prepare a term paper on information technologies, a research paper on Literature or Biology, teachers usually ask to use at least three sources to complete a task.
Searching for credible research paper information is not that easy. First, there are so many resources available. Second, looking for research paper information is one of the important stages that might take quite a lot of time.
In this article, we want to talk about some common ways of finding research paper information, using library and Internet effectively to get useful info.
Some typical methods of collecting research paper information
When it comes to collecting information for a project, students use the following methods:
looking through encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, textbooks to get some general information;
using bibliographies to find more sources and research paper information;
using online databases, websites of some organizations to find specific research paper information.
Looking for research paper information online
Internet is an easy and a convenient way to find information of any kind. First, you start with some popular search engines like Yahoo or Goggle. Then, you can visit such subject portals as Virtual Library that provide less information but it is checked for relevance.
What main problems will you face when looking for information online? You will either find too much information or, on the contrary, it will not be enough.
In the first case, you have to narrow your search. Say, you are looking for info about Pepsi. Narrow down your search to “Pepsi composition” or “Pepsi characteristics”. In the second case, you should make your search less specific.
Looking for research paper information in the library
If you do not want to waste time, go straight to your school or other library and ask a librarian for help. Librarians are specially trained to find necessary info on any topic.
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