Essays on “A Modest Proposal”: What Would Be Your Suggestions?

Essays on “A Modest Proposal”: What Would Be Your Suggestions?If you have already read “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift, we are sure you have a lot of questions that can make a good basis for your essay on “A Modest Proposal”.
They might be something like:
Is Swift serious about his proposal to eat poor Irish children?
If not, than what was he actually trying to suggest?
What could be some other ways to solve the problem of poverty in the times of Swift in Ireland?
Definitely, it is obvious for every normal person that Swift did not really mean that eating babies would be a good solution to the problems of hunger and poverty. However, if you feel rather confident and want to show your creativity, you can make something like “The method of cooking children that I find the most delicious” for your essay on “A Modest Proposal”.
Yet, if your teacher does not appreciate such approach to writing essays on “A Modest Proposal”, you may answer the main questions – what was Swift’s real proposal? What would his solution be?
You can also use the story to write your own Modest Proposal essay. Just think of any current problem that you believe requires urgent solutions. Write your Modest Proposal essay and suggest your ways out of the problem.
Your Modest Proposal essay can be serious and suggest real solutions. Or, you can use Swift’s techniques and write something a bit ridiculous, demonstrating that the problem you are talking about is really acute.
Here are a couple of topic ideas for your Modest Proposal essay:
world hunger;
global peace;
global warming, etc.
If you need more ideas, flick through “A Modest Proposal” essay samples and check what other guys tend to discuss.
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