Research Questions: One of the First Steps to Take

Research Questions: One of the First Steps to TakeThe process of writing a term paper or research paper consists of many important steps that finally lead to a well-written, quality work. You should always start with the very first steps and do not miss anything.
In this article, we will talk about one of these steps, particularly about research paper or term paper questions. Actually, they are simply called research questions that play a significant role in the creation of a good thesis statement.
So, how to come up with research questions for your research paper or term paper?
Step 1
To make a research question, you need to select a general topic first. Have you already decided on it? Mind that it is better to choose something broader rather than too narrowed.
Step 2
After you choose a topic, write down all questions you have about it. These are not research questions for your paper yet.
If you are not familiar with the topic, do some preliminary reading. Believe us, you will have lots of questions that can be used as research questions.
Step 3
Now, look through the list of questions made. Take time to think which of them will work as research questions. Make sure you do not choose something too general or too specific.
Step 4
Start searching for information related to your future research question. You can use any search engine and just look how many resources pop up upon your request. If there are pretty many resources available, you are on the right way to a good research question.
Step 5
After that, you can bring the final touch to your research question. Make it clear and focused, e.g. do not ask “What was the role of the United States during the Vietnam War?” It should be something like “What were the reasons for American involvement in Vietnam?”
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