French Research Papers: From French Revolution to Perfumes

French Research Papers: From French Revolution to PerfumesWe agree that your assignment to prepare a French research paper sounds vague and general. What exactly should you do? Write a research paper in French? Focus on history? Analyze some works of French literature or art?
Well, these are actually all good ideas for French research papers. After all, if your teacher has not provided any specifications, the choice is up to you.
So, if you are good at French, write your paper in French but make sure your teacher will be able to read it. If you are good at French history or art, devote your French research paper to it.
Yet, we suppose you are completely lost at the moment and have no clue what to write about in your French research paper. Then, we are glad to present several French research paper topics, which allow you to touch upon absolutely different areas of life in France.
By the way, there is one more thing we have to tell you. First, decide what kind of French research paper you want to create – argumentative or simply informative. Choose an appropriate French research paper topic depending on the type.
Historical topics for French research papers
rench Revolution – this is definitely one of the most popular issues to discuss.
Historical personalities: Marie Antoinette, Maximilian Robespierre, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, and others.
Cultural topics for French research papers
Write about Le Louvre, which is now the most popular and biggest museum in France (initially was a fortress). Or, tell about the creation and history of the Eiffel Tower. You can also use our tips for writing a Mona Lisa smile essay.
Culinary topics for French research papers
France is famous for its delicious food, wine, and cheese.
If next time you have to write about Italy, we will be glad to help with research papers on Italy.
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