Intelligent Design Research Papers: Investigating a New Theory

Do you like investigating new things? Do you like dealing with controversial issues? Can you not decide on a good topic for your research paper? Then we suppose writing an intelligent design research paper will be the right option for you.
What is intelligent design? Actually, it has nothing to do with computers, graphic design, or advertising. It is a new theory used by creationists to explain how everything emerged on this earth. Thus, before you start writing your research paper on intelligent design, better consult a teacher and get his/her approval of the topic.
Intelligent Design Research Papers: Investigating a New TheoryIf you get it, start collecting information for your intelligent design research paper. This article will be a good starting point.
Intelligent design research papers: what the theory is about
To put it into simple words, the theory of intelligent design presents religious views and explanations of how the universe and living things were created from the scientific point of view. Sure, scientists do not get it seriously, but you have a chance to argue and introduce your opinion in the research paper on intelligent design.
Intelligent design research papers: the main argument of creationists
Their main argument revolves around a cell – something that living organisms consist of, and this can be the main point of your intelligent design research paper as well.
Basically, creationists say that a cell is a complicated thing, a sophisticated mechanism that includes genes, some chemicals, and proteins. They consider that a cell could not develop in the course of evolution and that it was “designed”.
So, these are just a few pointers for writing intelligent design research papers. Sure, you will have to investigate this issue deeper, study both scholarly opinions and those of creationists. Do not forget to express your own ideas on the problem in the research paper on intelligent design.
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