HRM Dissertations: How to Decide on a Winning Topic

HRM Dissertations: How to Decide on a Winning TopicChoosing dissertation topics is a challenge for many students. Probably, your mission is even more complicated, because you are working on an HRM (Human Resource Management) dissertation.
What it means is that you are dealing with one of the most significant aspects for any organization and business these days – personnel and ways of managing it.
HRM dissertations can be devoted to a wide range of issues and they can be focused on absolutely different aspects. A good HRM dissertation should definitely include a section devoted to theoretical issues, some case studies. In other sections of your HRM dissertation, you will have to discuss current research, connect theory to practice.
Below, we have listed some topic suggestions for your HRM dissertation from different areas of Human Resource Management.
HRM theoretical issues
Like any other field of knowledge, HRM has some fundamental theoretical approaches that introduce different views on HRM.
Your HRM dissertation can be devoted to some of the theoretical models, for instance, “hard” and “soft” versions of HRM. Compare them and explain how they work in reality.
Training and development
It is a common practice for many countries to invest into training and development of employees. You may view this topic in your HRM dissertation in relation to the recent economic recession.
Employee motivation
Theory states that a motivated employee works more productively. If you choose to cover this topic in your HRM dissertation, focus on four main theories of employee motivation:
economic needs
social man
contingency approach
These are just a few ways of writing HRM dissertations. Choose the one that is closely related to your interests and future occupation.
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