Literature Dissertations: How to Make It Successful and Survive

Literature Dissertations: How to Make It Successful and SurviveWriting any dissertation project, no matter whether it is a literature dissertation or a dissertation on some other discipline, is a time-consuming and rather intimidating process.
You are about to start working on your literature dissertation. Unfortunately, it is impossible to explain you everything about literature dissertations in a small 300-word article. However, we want to talk about some basic principles and small secrets of an effective literature dissertation.
How to narrow down the focus of your literature dissertation
It is one of the first steps that you should take very seriously. Literature is such a broad field. Even if you choose something like “20th century literature” as the main idea of your literature dissertation, completing your work might take ages.
Thus, take time to choose something specific to consider in your literature dissertation. Considering the following aspects might help you:
a certain period in literature;
literature of particular countries;
a specific genre of literature and its most famous representatives;
specific themes like wars, women depicted in the works of literature.
How to conduct research for your literature dissertation
First, never neglect the help of your advisor. Consult him/her about the sources you want to use to write your literature dissertation.
All kinds of libraries are the best places to conduct research for your literature dissertation. Visit your college library first, go to public libraries, check online libraries.
How to survive your literature dissertation
Stay motivated – this is the main secret of successful dissertations, and your project is not an exception. Demotivation means you have no goals to be achieved, thus, no reasons to keep on writing and researching.
Information that you will find in articles about a literature thesis and dissertation literature review might be useful too.
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