“Animal Dreams” Essays: Possible Questions to Answer

“Animal Dreams” Essays: Possible Questions to AnswerWhy are people so different? Why do even those people who were brought up in one family have so different views and aims in life? You may find answers in the novel “Animal Dreams”. This novel was written by the American author Barbara Kingslover and was published in 1990.
You should read the novel not only to get answers to some important questions but also to complete your “Animal Dreams” essay. Although the novel is rather long (more than 300 pages), reading it will be really exciting.
After you finish reading the novel, we advise you to study the biography of Barbara Kingslover. It will help you understand her novel better and prepare an excellent “Animal Dreams” essay.
Besides, use our hints for writing “Animal Dreams” essays. Below, we have listed several questions for you to answer in the “Animal Dreams” essay.
“Animal Dreams” essays: question 1
Codi is one of the main characters of the novel. In the beginning, we see her as someone who lives a bit pointless life. Then, in the course of the novel, we see different changes she undergoes.
Answer in your “Animal Dreams” essay what makes her change the attitude towards her life and the world.
“Animal Dreams” essays: question 2
Compare in your “Animal Dreams” essay Codi and her sister Hallie. Why are they so different? – this is the question for you to answer.
“Animal Dreams” essays: question 3
One of the important characters in the novel is Codi’s and Hallie’s father Homer. What role does he play in the novel? What role does he play in the lives of his daughters?
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