Proper Format of a Research Paper

Proper Format of a Research PaperSome students think that good grades on research papers are given for perfect research and content. While these are really important aspects, the way your research is organized and presented also matters. In other words, a proper research paper should be organized according to some format rules.
In fact, there are two main sets of formatting rules that you can use – APA or MLA style. Yet, keep in mind that your teacher may provide his/her own requirements as to the proper format of a research paper.
Proper format of research papers: MLA or APA style
These two styles are most frequently used for formatting and citing research papers. Both MLA and APA have a lot of specific rules to be followed.
This is why, first you need to specify with your teacher which style should be used. Second, it is better to get an MLA or APA manual and follow all the rules it presents directly. Here, you will find more details about APA format research papers.
Proper format of research papers: “your teacher’s” style
If for some reasons you do not know what style should be used to format your research paper properly, you should organize your work in the way that all teachers like.
Follow these simple rules to make a proper research paper:
Use double-spacing throughout your paper. All teachers like it.
Some students think that if they type their papers all in caps, they will look more attractive. Probably, it is really so, but it is not the proper format of research papers. Only the first words in sentences should be capitalized.
Sometimes, the proper format of research papers requires a title page. We advise you to discuss this point with your teacher, since some teachers do not ask for a research paper title page.
If you are working on rather a long project, most probably you need to create a table of contents. Again, it is better to get specific instructions from your teacher.
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