Nursing Application Essays: How not to Spoil Them

Nursing Application Essays: How not to Spoil ThemWe are sure you know that writing a nursing application essay is the most challenging stage of the application process, which can affect the result greatly.
Probably, right now you think “Oh, what is so special about writing nursing application essays? I want to be a nurse more than anything else. I know I have all necessary qualifications and personal traits for that. I am sure my nursing application essay will stand out!”
Well, your strong desire and confidence in your abilities are great. However, they may be not enough for writing an outstanding nursing application essay.
What you should know are some rules of writing perfect nursing application essays. Let us talk about them right now. Particularly, we want to point out several things that can spoil your nursing application essay.
Lack of “you”
Above all, good nursing application essays should be personal. Do not just write that you are kind, dedicated, and sympathetic towards someone’s pain. All other applicants are the same kind and sympathetic. Reveal your personal unique traits.
Lack of a good story
Hardly will your nursing application essay be impressive if it looks like a list of facts about you. Create a captivating story.
Violation of requirements
Sure, the content is what really matters in the nursing application essay. Yet, do not ignore official requirements. Pay special attention to the required word limit. Do not exceed it, better write less. For instance, if you are asked to write 500 words, 480 will be enough.
Finally, do not exaggerate and make up things in your nursing application essay. Do not forget that anything you wrote about can be asked during the interview.
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