FCAT Sample Essays: A Perfect Opportunity to Prepare for the Test

FCAT Sample Essays: A Perfect Opportunity to Prepare for the TestAre you going to take the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test? Well, it is a serious test designed to evaluate your knowledge and academic achievements. Particularly, you will have to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in such areas as Maths, Science, reading, and writing.
We are sure you are striving for the highest scores on this test and are working hard to achieve this goal. In this article, we want to talk briefly about the writing section of the test, because this is what many students face problems with.
To be specific, we want to explain you something about FCAT sample essays as one of the most effective ways to prepare for the test. By the way, FCAT essay examples can easily be found online. For instance, visit this website www.fcat.fldoe.org, where you will find not only FCAT essay examples, but also samples and recommendations on how to pass Maths, Science, and reading tests.
So, FCAT sample essays will help you answer many questions that you have about the writing part of the test. Check:
How long are FCAT essay examples?
How are FCAT sample essays organized?
What specific elements in essays are evaluated?
By the way, do you know what types of essays you may face? Depending on the writing prompt that you will be provided, you will have to write either a persuasive or an expository essay. Find both types of FCAT sample essays and check what is considered perfect persuasive and expository writing. Here, you may read about persuasive essay topics.
FCAT essay examples will also help you understand what particular elements in the essay are evaluated. They are focus, support, organization, and conventions (your awareness of punctuation, spelling, correct sentence structure, etc.).
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