College English Essays: Everything You Need to Know

College English Essays: Everything You Need to KnowOne of the main challenges that college freshmen face are college level essays, the main rules and principles of academic writing. Probably, in high school, you used to write rather serious papers, but they still differ from college English essays.
We are sure you have a lot of questions about college English essays, and we are ready to answer some of them in this article.
What is the main thing one should keep in mind about college English essays?
You are going to deal with academic writing, and this is what you should remember. Academic writing cannot be based on empty assertions, personal opinions, and observations. Every word should be supported with scientific evidences.
What are some typical college English essay topics?
There are no typical topics for college English essays. You will have to choose topics relevant to your major, your interests and preferences, and sometimes preferences of your instructors.
What you should always evaluate when selecting college English essay topics is your ability to cover them properly.
What should you never forget about when writing college English essays?
Once a professor takes your college English essay, he/she immediately starts looking for a thesis statement. There are different ways to create a thesis statement. Yet, no matter what form you choose, make sure you can defend your position. Defending a thesis means providing reasonable arguments and evidences to prove you are right.
Finally, never forget about formatting college English essays. You will receive additional instructions about that from your professors, and here, you can read about an example of an APA style essay. Proper organization not only makes a paper look pretty but also makes it easier to read and understand.
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