Essays about Trips: Where Have You Been?

Essays about Trips: Where Have You Been?Are you asked to write an essay about a trip? It seems like this fairly easy task makes you confused a little. If you do not know where to start, what to include, and how to write your essay on trips, let us present you several pointers for writing.
The gist of your essay on trips
Actually, your mission is pretty easy.
First, you need to recall any of your trips. Do not hurry. Take time and list all places you have visited. Then, decide on the most exciting trip that you think is worth discussing in your essay on trips.
Second, make a plan for writing your essay on the trip. We are sure you have a lot of things to tell. To make everything sound logical in your story, make an outline and include all major points.
Finally, make the first draft of your essay on the trip. Mind that narrative and descriptive types of essays are the best in this case. Add as many details and descriptions as you can. Think how to create a captivating plot. It is a good idea to include dialogues in your essay on the trip.
By the way, if you count on an A+, you can make a kind of photo essay on trips. Be sure that a teacher will appreciate a couple of pictures and illustrations in your essay.
What if you have nothing to write about?
Although it is hard to believe, let us imagine that you have NEVER been to another state/country/place and have nothing to describe in your essay on trips.
If this is the case, write about the trip of your dreams. Where would you like to go? Describe this place, some details of this imaginative trip and explain why you want to visit this exact place.
There is one more way you can go about the essay on trips. Very often, people refer to visits of some local places as to trips as well, e.g. a trip to a circus, to McDonald’s, to some museum, etc. Thus, do not hesitate to tell about such trip. Besides, you have a chance to make an exciting paper if you use a creative approach to the completion of this task.
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