Science Dissertations: Managing a Hurdle Race

Science Dissertations: Managing a Hurdle RaceA science dissertation is like a superstructure over the vast world of academic writing. The thing is that science is a very exact sphere of life – it has its own strict rules and ethos. Thus, writing a science dissertation is not just about writing an academic paper, it is like a hurdle race: in addition to standard academic writing rules you get some “free special bonuses”, i.e. rules of science paper presentation.
We understand that writing a good and strong science dissertation is a very challenging task. Unfortunately, the format of this article does not allow us to present all information we have. Thus, we want to describe only the most essential rules of science dissertation writing.
Science dissertations: Introduction
Your reader should know the topic of your study from the very beginning of the science dissertation. Do you know about the “15 Pages Rule” used in literature? The author should interest his reader on the first 15 pages of his/her story, or else no one will continue reading it. Thus, you should state the topic and the purpose of your study in the introductory part of the science dissertation. Remember that this is only an introduction; you do not need to be too specific here.
Science dissertations: Literature review
The next thing to mind is a dissertation literature review. Before you start describing your own academic pursuits, you should explain how your problem evolved. Your science dissertation should depict the first appearance of the problem, the first attempts to study it, all major milestones in its exploration. Be sure to mention the weak points of previous researchers. Every study has its own scope of interest, leaving something beyond it. Stating the weak places of other researchers, you put some boundaries between known and unknown and clearly demonstrate what questions are still to be answered.
Science dissertations: Research
There are many peculiarities of how to set out your own research in the science dissertation. Every PhD dissertation is unique. We want to describe several basic rules.
Clearly define all concepts and terms you use.
Describe the theoretical base of your studies.
Thoroughly explain the methods you use.
Put the boundaries around your own scope of interest to show the problem studied.
Good luck!
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