Thesis Printing: Steps You Should Take

Thesis Printing: Steps You Should TakeFor many students, thesis or dissertation printing and binding are the most pleasant things about dissertation/thesis writing. Why? Well, because if you are ready to print and bind your project, it means it is successfully finished. The only thing you will have to do after thesis binding and printing is to defend it.
In this article, we want to focus on the process of printing a thesis and explain you what major steps you will have to take. Sure, there is nothing special or complicated about thesis printing. Yet, if you take it lightly and make some mistakes, you will have to go through the procedure once again and waste more money.
Before you print the thesis
First, you need to check any of the official requirements for thesis printing set by your institution. For instance, what kind of paper do they require for thesis printing? How many copies should you make? All these aspects are important to know so that you do not have to re-print your thesis.
By the way, do not put off thesis printing. It is better to print your project several weeks before the defense. Anyway, you can also specify this aspect with your advisor.
Before printing the thesis, it is also important to carry out a little investigation and find out what companies provide printing and binding services. Make a list of such companies and compare their prices, specific requirements, etc.
As far as we know, all companies ask students to provide their projects in electronic format. PDF is preferable, but some printing and binding services also accept Word, Illustrator, Publisher, and other formats.
After you print the thesis
Binding will be your next step. Yet, before you bind the thesis, check whether it is printed properly. Check all copies and make sure everything is done according to your requirements.
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