Technology Literature Review: Proven Keys to Success

Technology Literature Review: Proven Keys to SuccessWriting a literature review is a daunting task, but probably your mission is even a bit more complicated, since you have to make a literature review on some technology related topic.
Well, we agree that studying materials in some technology field, dealing with all those sophisticated terms, some kinds of schemes is not the easiest task you have ever faced. Yet, making a good technology literature review is still possible.
What is more, if you stick to some general rules and useful recommendations, you have a chance to make your technology literature review in a professional fashion. We are glad to share several secrets right now.
Know the structure
Although the structure of a technology literature review may differ from reviews in other disciplines, basic elements will be the same. And, it is really important to follow the required format, which is one of the signs of a good technology literature review.
These are typical parts of literature reviews:
Background or introduction – summarizes your review, draws the reader’s interest to your work.
Literature – here you describe sources used. Make sure you present different types of sources in your technology literature review like monographs, articles, original investigations, etc.
Findings – it is a kind of evaluation of the works used. In your technology literature review, you should be critical about other’s works, evaluate objectively their quality, facts they present, etc.
Conclusions – this final part of your technology literature review should not be too long. Speak about the overall significance and effectiveness of sources used.
Quick tips for writing technology literature reviews
Do not use too many technical terms;
Avoid complicated sentences;
Instead of passive voice, use I, we;
Check your literature review for all kinds of errors after it is finished.
We can also explain you how to make engineering literature reviews.
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