Nursing Literature Reviews: Insider Secrets of Success

Nursing Literature Reviews: Insider Secrets of SuccessAre you struggling with a nursing literature review? Do you have too many questions and almost no answers? Then, we are glad to explain you everything about nursing literature reviews.
Actually, if you have already faced such task as a literature review, you should not have too many troubles this time. Principles that you need to use to make a nursing literature review are almost the same as for reviews in other disciplines. You just have to use other sources and literature, e.g. some nursing journals, works done by scholars on medical topics, etc.
By the way, it is also a good idea to read several past nursing literature reviews and use them as models for writing.
Anyway, here we have listed the main secrets of an effective nursing literature review.
Know the gist
Make sure you understand the main purpose of writing your nursing literature review. Do not forget that your major mission is not just to summarize works devoted to a certain topic, but analyze and interpret them, define what knowledge they establish.
Know the right organization
Like many other academic papers, nursing literature reviews should be organized according to the introduction-body-conclusion structure.
In the introduction of your nursing literature review, define the main problem, explain what is already known about the topic, and tell why it is significant.
In the body of the nursing literature review, present details of your research, describe methods.
In the concluding paragraph of your nursing literature review, summarize your findings and contributions.
Important questions to ask and answer
In the process of preparing the nursing literature review, you can ask yourself some questions to check whether you do everything correctly:
What do I know about the topic, current theories, etc?
Are there some shortcomings or inaccuracies in the sources I use?
Does my topic require further investigation?
Will my findings matter?
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