MIT Research Papers: How-To’s

MIT Research Papers: How-To’sMIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is one of the leading institutes in the field of technical sciences. As such, it follows strict rules of academic writing to ensure high quality standards of education. Thus, every MIT research paper should be organized properly to sustain high quality as a hallmark of this institution.
Yet in general, MIT research papers are to be handled in the same way as any other research paper. And most of pieces of advice you find in this article can be applied to other science research papers.
Research problem
MIT is the institute of technical sciences, so MIT research papers usually solve the problems within the field of exact sciences. It means that the problem of your MIT research paper can be described in terms of math. If this is the case, be sure to mention the mathematical model of your problem — usually, it is just one or two equations, which can replace the whole portions of text.
Scientific discussion means nothing without proper definitions of basic terms and concepts. Thereby, make sure you have the section “Problem definition” in your MIT research paper.
Literature review
The thing is that every research should be based on the studies of previous researches. A history review will make it clear that you conducted thorough research and that you did not spend your time in vain, preparing the MIT research paper in the last hours. Moreover, the history review allows you to evaluate the scope of the problem, its features, and peculiarities. This will greatly help you prepare your MIT research paper.
Technical information
Provide specific info as to what methods you used and why. Give a theoretical explanation of your experiments (if any) and explain why you expect certain results. Your MIT research paper should be explicit in everything that concerns your studies.
Along with the interpretation of results, the conclusion of your MIT research paper may touch upon questions that were beyond the scope of your problem but are interesting to consider. What practical application do you see for your MIT research paper?
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