A Thesis Adviser: If You Have a Conflict

A Thesis Adviser: If You Have a ConflictThere is no need to explain who a thesis adviser is. It is a person who can always give valuable thesis advice, who supports a student throughout the challenging process of research and writing a thesis, who can be not only an adviser, but also a friend sometimes.
Yet, everything can happen, and your thesis adviser may turn into a thesis enemy or simply a person who, for some reasons, starts conflicting with you (or you with him/her).
Anyway, such situation is highly unfavorable for the successful completion of your project. It is extremely important to solve the conflict with the thesis adviser as soon as possible. How exactly can you do it?
Let us take a typical situation as an example. Your thesis adviser asks to make some experiments once again, or asks to re-write a chapter for the third time, or wants you to find some rare book. In other words, it is a situation when you, at a glance, do not provoke the conflict. There are three ways out.
Prove your thesis advisor that what he/she asks you to do is not necessary. In other words, you will have to prove that you are right and your thesis adviser is completely wrong and has no idea what he/she is talking about.
What you should do is come up with the most reasonable and strong arguments. Prove that you have conducted all necessary experiments/written the best introduction/found the most useful book.
Find a compromise with your thesis adviser. Figure out what exactly he/she expects from you, what you need to do to meet expectations, suggest your alternatives to thesis adviser’s recommendations.
Finally, if nothing works, your thesis adviser is stubborn, and you have no arguments to persuade him/her, you will have nothing to do but obey. Or, change your thesis adviser.
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