A Good Thesis Sentence in 4 Easy Steps

A Good Thesis Sentence in 4 Easy StepsWhat is a thesis sentence? Sure, it can be defined as the main idea of your essay, as a road-map for the reader, or in some other formal way. Yet, we want to give you an informal definition of a thesis sentence. It is one of the most important attributes of any paper, something that all teachers pay special attention to, and reduce grades if a thesis sentence is absent or is not strong enough.
We also know that not all students can write good thesis sentences, and it is one of the reasons why they get low grades on their papers. If you are one of them, if nothing helps you including sample thesis sentences and instructions from your teachers, then let us try to explain you the essentials of creating a good thesis sentence.
These are four main steps one should take to write a strong thesis sentence.
How to write a thesis sentence: step 1
First off, you need to decide on a general idea of your paper, what you are going to write about. We advise you to start with narrow topics. For instance, writing about frozen peas will be easier than writing about vegetables.
How to write a thesis sentence: step 2
After you figure out your topic, transform it into a question. For instance, if you write about frozen peas, you may ask something like “Are frozen peas more useful than canned peas?”
How to write a thesis sentence: step 3
Now, you have to answer the question formed. First, you can give a simple answer, e.g. “Frozen peas are more useful than canned peas”. Actually, such answer will almost be a finished thesis sentence. It presents your topic clearly and the position you are going to take.
How to write a thesis sentence: step 4
Finally, you should develop the answer and add more points that will be supported further in your paper, e.g. “Frozen peas are more useful because they are healthier, of a higher quality, and have more vitamins than canned peas”.
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