MLA Research Paper Layout: A Guide to Correct Formatting

MLA Research Paper Layout: A Guide to Correct FormattingWhat is an MLA research paper layout? It is simply a document where you can find the main formatting rules used in MLA style. Such documents usually present a text and various hints on how it should be formatted.
Very often, teachers provide MLA research paper layouts so that students could use them as a model for writing and research paper formatting. However, you can easily find detailed MLA research paper layouts on the Web if necessary.
Although this article is not directly an MLA research paper layout, you can still use it as a starting point. Here, we explain some principles of preparing research papers using MLA format.
MLA research paper layout: rule 1
Once you open a Word document on your computer, you have to adjust it to the basic MLA format requirements. These include:
1-inch margins on all sides of the document;
double spacing;
12 pt. Times New Roman font;
1,5 inches indentation of the first lines in paragraphs.
MLA research paper layout: rule 2
A title page is not required – you can find this rule in any MLA research paper layout. Instead, in the upper left-hand corner of the first page of your paper, type the following: your name, teacher’s name, your course, and date.
MLA research paper layout: rule 3
In many MLA research paper layouts they explain how to use citations correctly. Basically, you will have to use in-text citations, which are also called parenthetical.
MLA research paper layout: rule 4
Finally, in many layouts you will find examples and explanations of how a works cited page should be arranged.
In other words, layouts are really good examples, where you can find answers to all general questions about formatting.
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