“The Lowest Animal” Essays or Animal Cell Essays: What to Choose

“The Lowest Animal” Essays or Animal Cell Essays: What to ChooseDo you have to write an essay about animals but cannot decide on a unifying theme? If your teacher gave absolutely no specifications, do not hesitate and write about anything you find interesting in animals.
Sure, it is not that easy to make a decision, because the animal world is so diverse and complex. This is why let us offer you a couple of approaches to preparing your task.
First of all, you need to think whether your paper will be completed from a pure biological or some other perspective. What other perspective can be used? Check explanations below.
Biological perspective
You may start with the very basics and write an animal cell essay. Why animal cells? Well, a cell is what any living organism starts with, and preparing animal cell essays is not very difficult.
So, your animal cell essay may include the following information:
structure of an animal cell;
its functions;
major processes in animal cells;
differences between animal cells and plant cells or animal and human cells.
You can make your animal cell essay more captivating and impressive by adding pictures.
Other perspectives
Literary perspective is another good way to get your paper done. What works of literature do you know that are devoted to animals or where animals play key roles? Maybe, the first idea that comes to your mind is writing about “Animal Farm” or “Animal Dreams” essay.
Yet, we advise you to choose not that poplar works, e.g. “The Lowest Animal” by Mark Twain. Basically, your “The Lowest Animal” essay will be devoted to a great discussion about the superiority of men over animals or vise versa. First, explain in your “The Lowest Animal” essay what Twain thinks about it. Then, present your standpoint.
So, you can choose to write whatever you want, either an animal cell essay or “The Lowest Animal” essay, or an animal research essay.
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