Hurricane Katrina Essay

Hurricane Katrina Essay
Hurricane Katrina Essay
August 28th, 2005… More than 1800 people lost their lives because of a strong hurricane that took place in the United States. In your academic institution you may be asked to write a hurricane Katrina essay, where you will investigate either the natural phenomenon of Hurricane Katrina from the geographical point of view, or the events that took place on 28th of August from the historic point of view.

If your Hurricane Katrina essay relates to Geography, you may discuss the following issues:
- nature of hurricanes;
- description of hurricane Katrina’s main peculiarities;
- region subjected to the hurricane Katrina’s affect;
- duration of the hurricane’s power.

Many researchers in the field of Geography investigated hurricane Katrina, so it will not be a problem for you to find the sources necessary for writing your essay on hurricane Katrina.

If essays on hurricane Katrina refer to history, you may find a lot of online information from the informational services like CNN or BBC. You will just have to evaluate the problem, analyze the amount of losses, and present statistics in your hurricane Katrina essay. In this case, essays on hurricane Katrina can consider the following points:
- Unexpected emergency of hurricane Katrina;
- Transportation of evacuees with medical needs;
- Government benefits;
- Mournful anniversary of hurricane Katrina.

These were some ideas that might be included into your own hurricane Katrina essay. Now that you have got a general idea of what you will be investigating, let you remind what structure your hurricane Katrina should have:
- Introduction, where you will present the problem and a thesis statement;
- Body, where you will support your statement by statistical data and research results;
- Conclusion, where you will sum up all said in the entire text of your essay on hurricane Katrina.

Remember about the importance of revising and editing essays about hurricane Katrina. Probably, a sample of an essay on earth quake or a Geography coursework example will also be useful in making your hurricane Katrina essay.
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