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Arriving At The Optimum Essay Writing Format
An essay writing format is usually specified in the instructions given before the exercise begins. Students have to follow the guidelines given and adapt to it by formatting all content included into the essay. This is the easy method. There may be instances when the format is not specified in total. Students may be asked to follow the standard Modern Language Association (MLA) or the American Psychological Association (APA) style manuals. It is important that they learn to adapt to the required style manual.
Some common guidelines have been listed below, which students can apply to different types of essays.
Always aim to include important details like the title of the project, writer’s name, course details, and year of submission on a separate page, unless specified otherwise. For example, students might be asked to write an essay on the ill effects of smoking. They would then think of the appropriate title like “How To Overcome The Ill Effects Of Smoking.” This would appear on the first page of the essay project. A scholarship essay format would be more specific in terms of following the exact guidelines given by the assessment panel. It might specify the exact headline, so it would be easier to implement it.
The title page would look something like this.

The title page is not numbered, but the following pages are. A word processor allows student to set it up automatically. The numbers would usually appear at the right upper corner or bottom center and would include other details as specified. For example, an essay writing format under the MLA style specifies that numbers should be preceded by the writer’s last name like and formatted in the right upper corner of the page.
Within the text, students can apply the following formatting guidelines.
• Use double spaced text, as it makes the essay more legible and corrections are not cluttered within the page. The editing process, especially in a word processor, is easier.
• Use standard fonts like “Times New Roman” size 12, unless specified otherwise.
• Use an indentation of at least five spaces for each new paragraph.
• Use a standard paper size of 8.5” X 11,” as this facilitates easier printing. Most printers and software could include the page format online or otherwise.
• Align the text to the left of the page. This can be done automatically in a word processor.
Always prepare an essay outline that can incorporate all these details. The different style manuals are quite elaborate in detailing the different formats. It is left to the student to prepare an outline that best suits the requirements of the essay project. It should include all the basic formatting details as well as any specific guideline mentioned in the instructions. Once students are familiar with the methods used to include these details, the entire essay project becomes easier and faster to complete. They can, however, take the time to read through the specified style manual. Details mentioned are quite elaborate. Students can think of using those additional steps in an essay writing format exercise to improve presentation.

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