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Writing An Effective GCSE Essay
A GCSE essay has to be written on a specified subject based on the General Certificate Of Secondary Education (GCSE) curriculum. GCSE is usually attempted by students in the age group 14 – 16 years. The level of writing is therefore expected to be of very high standard. Students would have learned the basics of essay writing in school. At the GCSE level though, it would test their understanding and knowledge of a subject. Expressing themselves using a unique style of writing would be the essence of the exercise. They have to keep in touch with new topics introduced within different subjects. The knowledge gained from learning these new topics would then have to be applied to essay writing.
Theory is taught in class. New topics pose challenges in terms of understanding concepts and remembering content. It has to be applied to a real-life situation. By taking part in an essay-writing exercise, students get an opportunity to gain expertise on a topic. Research would introduce them to additional content that would support the essay statement. Arguments, quotes, and reference material would be compiled out of research. Writing GCSE essays is part of developing the practical concepts needed to excel in a practical world. Inputs might vary from topic to topic, but the process of compiling would remain the same.
Let’s take an example of what a practical essay-writing assignment would be like. Assuming that the topic would be specified through the curriculum, a student may have to write an essay on “Developing An Effective Writing Style.” The topic itself poses a challenge as students would have learned to develop their own style of writing. This is easier said than done. In school, they develop a style quite naturally and essay-writing techniques are honed in time. The specified GCSE essay, however, demands that students demonstrate how they attained the style. The process would involve listing out technique learned over time, reference books, and research techniques. These practical inputs would be useful even after school, for example, in copywriting or to prepare a sales letter.
A vital technique students need to acquire is the ability to write in a conversational manner. It is important to note that essays written at the GCSE level would be read mostly by other students who want to know more about the topic. It is imperative that they understand what is being conveyed through the essay. For instance, students may have limited knowledge of a topic. They would consider the writer to be an expert on the subject. The level of understanding and interest would be determined by how easily information is digested by readers. The more complicated the language or research content used, the more difficult it would be for students to understand. If they have to refer to other reference material to understand concepts or difficult language used, they would lose interest in the essay.
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