Corporal Punishment Essay

The Importance Of A Corporal Punishment Essay
A corporal punishment essay needs to tackle the very important issue of corporal punishment in different segments of society. Corporal punishment is a way of inflicting pain as punishment for some wrongdoing. It was an accepted norm in earlier days to inflict pain on criminals to ensure that similar crimes would not be committed. It is still prevalent in the Middle East and other countries. In schools, it was routine to see a teacher move around with a ruler trying to control a class full on noisy children. Nobody seemed to mind the punishment, and some parents actually depended on teachers correcting their children at school for disciplinary measures not being followed at home. What has happened since then for the issue to have become such a hotly-debated one? Let us go through some of the reasons for corporal punishment to have failed to bring about the desired effects.
In the earlier days, justice was meted out by the powerful. There were fewer courts that would decide on a crime and pass uniform judgment. Though the crime rate was probably low, lack of education made it possible for the law to be controlled by a few individuals who either inherited the right or were educated. Times have changed, and the law is more organized now. People understand that any form of physical abuse is unwarranted and against the law. If an individual cannot be controlled or reprimanded for a crime committed without resorting to corporal punishment, it indicates a serious flaw in the legal system. The sort of crime committed has changed. We now hear of terrorism, chemical warfare, and even state-sponsored guerilla warfare. Corporal punishment essays should highlight that such heinous crimes make it difficult to condone corporal punishment in society.
The purpose of any sort of physical punishment in schools speaks of a breakdown in the disciplinary system. Education provides the scope to teach children the importance of discipline. It can impart a sense of justice and fair play at a very young age through a systematic approach. Teachers are trained by schools to do so. Any deviation from a systematic approach would then indicate indiscipline not on the part of children but the teachers. Some cultures offer teachers much more respect. Along with this respect, it offers them the scope to play the role of teacher, parent, and friend. A corporal punishment essay can talk of the old days when they are allowed the freedom to mold a child’s thinking and determine the direction they would take while progressing towards a career. In modern society, this is hardly possible though.
What leads to people resorting to terrorism? Some of the reasons identified are quite surprising. It’s not only deprivation of justice. Living in deep poverty, experiencing the powerful but temporary feeling of being able to change destiny, and deep-rooted improper teachings are some of the reasons for it. Corporal punishment essays must stress on the fact that if fear of death cannot prevent an individual from indulging in terrorism and getting oneself killed, corporal punishment would not succeed either. It is time to do away with the age-old and ineffective way of correction.
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