Climate Change Essay

The Importance Of A Climate Change Essay
A climate change essay is the ideal platform to indicate the danger to our planet due to unnatural changes in climatic conditions created by mankind. The structure of the Earth includes biological, physical, chemical, and human components. While most other components strive to maintain the ecological balance that is needed to sustain it, humans have been overusing its resources ignoring warning signals that overuse would lead to disruption in the sensitive structure. Human activities across the world have greatly influenced climatic changes. We have seen abrupt changes which indicate the Earth’s changing dynamics including earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and tidal waves. Increase in the surface temperature should warn us of impending danger. There are other signs that should make us sit up and take notice.
The most alarming fact bothering scientists studying the effects of climate change is the irreversibility factor. Some changes can drastically affect the way Earth reacts the balance. Unfortunately, the processes that lead to these changes predict a very gloomy picture of what could happen to Earth’s natural resources. Greenhouse gases (GHG) absorb and emit radiation from the sun’s rays. The normal balance would help only the required amount of heat to be absorbed. Man’s activities have upset this balance. GHG now retain more heat within the Earth’s surface thereby increasing the temperature. Climate change essays must stress on this aspect.
Here is where the danger lies. The increased temperature would manifest into changes in the Earth’s ecological systems and responses failing to counter it at some stage. When this happens, we would see the seas becoming more acidic and ice melting over the mountains and poles increasing sea levels. Man would have to adapt to cultural changes. The requirements for man-made systems in agriculture and power generation would change drastically.
Man-made processes have to be improved and radically changed in some cases to avoid further changes in temperature. Scientists would have to come up with concrete plans to be implemented at different locations across the globe. Governments would have to ensure that such systems are implemented. Planting more trees, maintaining a balance between industrialization and forest land, and sustaining mangroves found in three-quarters of tropical coastlines would be the way ahead.
More specifically, mangroves can survive in very salty conditions. It becomes necessary to preserve them and prevent sea water from encroaching on dry land. Other factors that need to be highlighted through a climate change essay are cutting down emissions, ensuring climate engineering measures to counter effects of global warming, and planting forests where they earlier existed.
The governments of the world play an important role in dampening the effects of global warming. The United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change was formed especially for this purpose. It is an international environmental treaty. The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997 and recognized the fact that developed nations were more responsible for excessive GHG emissions as a result of industrialization. The protocol would be ratified in 2012 to include more nations as well as implement safer and more stringent methods to curb the menace of global warming. Climate change essays can be written to keep readers informed about positive changes towards a safer and better world.
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