Divorce Essay

Handling The Sensitivities Of A Divorce Essay
A divorce essay is written on a sensitive issue which relates to incompatibility issues that exist between married men and women. It has to be dealt with great understanding and tolerance. When they commit to stay together after marriage, it is rarely thought that divorce would ever come between them. Customs around the world help bind relationships. Marriage is termed as “holy matrimony.” We often hear the phrase “marriages are made in heaven.” So what contributes to people going through the bitter experience of divorce? Let us try and analyze these situations by observation.
Arguments often lead to bitter arguments. Divorce essays can indicate how. A very funny advertisement shows the husband opening his lunch box and finding burnt toast. He has insisted on watching soccer the previous day. His wife missed her soap opera, and the result was burnt toast for lunch. This was the wife’s way of showing resentment. In the ad, the husband sheepishly orders for lunch from the canteen, food he doesn’t like. Not all men and women are blessed with such wit. In real life, the argument may have continued the next day. If husband and wife have completely opposing views about things, they may find it difficult to accept suggestions. Bitterness builds up. It shows up at the work place, among friends, and in society. Soon, it builds up to such an extent that couples become incompatible.
Our laws have become too lenient towards divorce. Lawyers are appointed to help couples go through the process of divorce with as less pain as possible. Though the system is meant to protect the couple’s privacy and well being, it actually creates a feeling among couples that going through divorce is a routine process. A divorce essay can highlight the fact that the institution of marriage was established so people could recognize emotions like love and sharing. Earlier, it used to be families that arranged marriages. We hardly heard of divorce, as the bond of love extended towards other family members. As the couple raised a family, children were accepted by the larger family structure consisting of cousins, uncles, aunts, and others. Now, a single-unit family consisting of a husband, wife, and young children do not have a support system to prevent bitterness and rift among family members.
Irregular food habits and tension lead to intolerance towards others. At the workplace, we see people tensed up about issues not concerning their homes or even society. We often hear the words “the tension is killing.” Well, it is a slow killer. It affects appetite. People either overeat or do not feel hungry. Over a period of time, they are just too concerned about themselves. The begin neglecting relationships. Husbands and wives start finding it difficult to share their pains and problems. When it happens, relationships get strained. The symptoms can be highlighted in divorce essays. If help is not sought fast enough, it can lead to diminishing love. Some couples adjust and wish it would heal in time. Others do not have the patience and are willing to file a divorce without giving themselves a second chance.
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