Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay
Reflective Essay
In this article we try to describe some features of the reflective essay writing for different age groups of students.

Reflective Essays for Freshmen: Stress on Reflection

At the end of your first year, the reflective essay you write should underline and display your understanding of the significance of reflection, involving service learning reflection and its importance to you as an instrument for insight and documenting your self-development. Having impressions and exercising activities are essential aspects of your living, but it is the mind you impose to those impressions that assists you to study and grow as an individual.

In Reflective Essay you may debate the significance of target setting and planning as primary components of ongoing development. Also you can discuss viewpoints you met, in or outside the classes, and your reflections as a result of this. Whatever you prefer to write about, make sure you are not wasting time, but meditating on the experienced impressions and intending to make sensation of it in the broader context of who you are.

Reflective Essays for Sophomores: Focus on Integration

The reflective essay you create as a sophomore should be grounded on the same paper you made as a freshman. By your second year, you are recommended to start seeing that even though information often derives to you in separate blocks and some events and impressions often seem untied, each new situation and each new viewpoint assist to build up the overall picture that your study experiences are trying to engage into focus for you. Indeed, in your reflective essay you have an opportunity to show your teacher your own understanding that on definite level everything you studied and everything you performed have intrinsic ties with something (or even everything) else in your life.

Reflective Essays for Juniors: Concentrate on Planning

As a rule, by junior year one begins to perceive education, if it is broadly considered, as a thing different from just technical training (although it may involve them). While you are thinking over the future in reflective essay, you are expected to reflect on something more than solely a hope to find the job. It should be excellent to discuss a possible sort of roles you will be able to have in the community and related responsibilities, the role of education and relationship between your diploma and your future as you imagine of it now.

Reflective Essays for Seniors: Emphasize on Synthesis

Traditionally, for senior Reflective Essays the accent should be on synthesis, i.e. the pulling together of all above-mentioned components and more into a single, consistent vision of the individual you have already become, either in the process of becoming or ultimately hoped to become. Note that the senior Reflective Essays will not mirror a finished product, because the growth and ripeness discussed in your paper is just a suggestion of your place in specific period of life. That’s why you are recommended to concentrate on the directions of your potential future growth.
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