Water Pollution Essay

Effective Use Of A Water Pollution Essay
A water pollution essay needs to highlight the ill effects of contamination that is spreading across our lakes, rivers, seas, and water tanks due to pollution. When we realize that two-thirds of Earth is covered with water, polluting it would literally wipe us out in time unless drastic measures are not taken to curb it. For a long time, pollution was caused by sharing resources like water by animals and humans. In time, people understood the importance of preventing pollution to water bodies. They used the same sources for drinking. Sickness spread through contaminated water. Our waters became safe to sustain humanity for a long time. Somehow, the importance of preserving pure water was lost again due to industrialization, greed, and increase in population. Serious measures have now been taken to reverse the trend. Is it enough? Let us go through some pollutants and what is being done to preserve our waters.
• Industrialization had led to the atmosphere being severely affected due to discharge from chimneys. Earlier, unrestricted releases contained harmful pollutants that could affect and spread. These pollutants then settled down to Earth combing with moisture. It entered lakes, rivers, and water tanks and started polluting them. Fortunately, the process of pollution in water can be reversed, and measures have been taken worldwide to ensure that factory exhausts contain very little harmful pollutants.
• Water pollution essays can also talk about chemical pollution from industries, which is drained as waste into channels that run into the sea and invariably seep into rivers and other water bodies. This again led to severe pollution, and governments have taken serious measures to clamp down on such pollutants such as polychlorinated biphenyls used in electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs) and restricting the discharge of toxins formed by using heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium.
• The world has recognized the damage radioactive material in uncontrolled measure can do. Besides causing killer diseases like cancer, it can kill if used to create the dreaded atomic bomb. It does have peaceful uses like generating power. Nuclear power plants are therefore very much in demand, but they discharge radioactive material into the sea. Though there isn’t any solution for nuclear waste, its discharge can be regulated to tolerable levels.
• Oil is the most precious commodity known to mankind. Often called “black gold,” it is also the most damaging in terms of polluting seas. A water pollution essay on the hazards of oil transportation would suggest that spilling oil onto the sea is often tolerated as an occupational hazard. Unfortunately, over 70% of all sea life killed due to oil pollution occurs due to transportation. Fishermen have complained of less catch, and safety measures have increased to prevent such leakages into the sea.
• Plastic also has a damaging effect as it is not biodegradable. It can trap fish and birds as they accumulate over the water. They are almost indestructible and would in time have polluted our waters has not the government banned their use in many areas. They are now destroyed under controlled measures.
Water pollution essays can highlight these and other pollutants, and suggest technological solutions.

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