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Ethical And Non Ethical Essay Cheats
Essay cheats have been in existence ever since the internet provided access to valuable information and even before that. Some find it easier to copy information off someone else’s work and claim as their own. This is not only wrong but can be detected by using anti-plagiarism software. The purpose of referring to information and reading the works of others should motivate writers and students to write their own work. So what exactly amounts to cheating or giving into anti-plagiarism? To know this, we have to distinguish between ethical and non ethical essay cheats.
An ethical essay cheat is basically one who does not cheat at all. To understand better, let’s consider a very important piece of information on the internet that deals with following directions offered to save lives. The information offered by a government website also states that the cure would be available for a short period of time and the information had to be shared with as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. Website owners, bloggers, magazines, and bulletins would publish the information prompting people to act and follow instructions. To convey the right information would be more important than trying to explain the message in one’s own words. So the information is printed as it is. This is not giving into plagiarism, as the information needs to be shared in an emergency.
Non ethical essay cheats do not care whose material they use. Their only intention is to claim someone else’s work as their own. For example, cheats would search the internet for content they can include in their blogs or website from any online source. They blatantly ignore regulations under the copyright act and copy-paste content into their own website or blog. This no longer works, as virtual real estate is a valuable commodity, and regulators prowl the internet looking for such offenders. Most search engines simply ban such online offenders from publishing their works. Their very online presence might vanish and all information lost.
Students have to be extra careful while referring to online sources for information about their project. They need to refer to authentic government websites that would offer them reliable information. Reference books in the school or college library might not be sufficient to provide content for their essay or coursework. The speed at which information can be downloaded from the internet provides a useful alternative to gather relevant information. Students must, however, not give into plagiarism and copy information as available. They need to draft their own essay using a unique style of their own.

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