Essays on Geography: How WWW Can Help You

Essays on Geography: How WWW Can Help You
Essays on Geography: How WWW Can Help You
Probably, the title of our article seems a bit strange to you right now. How WWW can help in writing essays on Geography… “In many ways” – you may think. Yes, we know that WWW is the main source of assistance for students these days, but actually, in this particular article about Geography essays, we do not mean the World Wide Web.

When it comes to writing essays on Geography, WWW can be interpreted in another way. Do you know what it means? It simply means What, Where, Why. These questions can be transformed into the central idea of your essay on Geography. Do not worry, since we will explain everything right now.

You definitely realize that choosing a topic idea for your Geography essay is not that easy. If you have tried looking through free essays on Geography, you should have realized that they might be devoted to absolutely different things. Asking what, where, why questions can help to narrow the scope of your work easily. Let us give you several examples.


Answers to what questions usually turn into statements. You will make the first statement in the introduction of your Geography essay. It will be your thesis. Then, you will make smaller statements in every body paragraph and will explain them. These are a couple of what questions for Geography essays:
What does climate change refer to?
What causes climate change?


Basically, this question refers to any location. It means you can choose any place for discussion in your Geography essay, describe it, explain its significance or discuss what makes it special.


Answers to this question basically turn into explanations. In the Geography essay, you may wish to explain some phenomena, e.g. tsunamis, volcanoes, earth rotation, migration, and anything else.

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