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Pick And Choose Compelling English Essay Topics
Choosing the right English essay topics can be fun as well as challenging. The criterion is to get as many readers to appreciate essays. English is a language, a medium to communicate with people. It offers tremendous scope to play around with words and come across with rhyming text. It allows writers the chance to express their viewpoints to others with eloquence and conviction. With control over vocabulary and grammar, and using simple but probing sentences, they can create a lasting impression on readers that can stand the test of time. Most readers who read the essay would have learned English in school. They are used to reading text and understanding the content. What sets an essay apart is content that can touch the deepest emotions of readers and compel them to react in the way writers would like them to. This is the power of using language skills to communicate with an audience. No wonder, poetry and plays using lyrics and songs take center stage even in the modern age.
Shakespeare chose to write on English essay topics that are popular even today. His plays have been enacted in almost all languages of the world. It is therefore quite obvious that using a particular language really does not matter. The content combined with the art of communication can create magic in a story. Writers succeed because they are skillful in telling stories. The same principle applies to essays. If writers were to just inform readers about a topic, not many would be interested unless they are offered something new or fascinating. In other words, they expect to find a true story in the essay. Writers have to recognize this fact and weave a story around any topic they are given. Find something interesting in the circumstances surrounding the story. Find humor in the situation that led to the event. Build upon characters that are involved in the event with bold introductions and harp on certain characteristics that would generate interest.
Students have limited scope to choose an English essay topic that is beyond their curriculum. They would not have much experience in research or in industry. They can therefore opt for activities involving reading, hobbies, sports, television, or technology to select topics. They would personally have had a chance to take part in some of them, while many would have experienced new technology at some stage of their lives. Students have to express themselves in a unique style of their own. By choosing topics they can identify with, their style can be developed. They need to practice writing on different topics before deciding on the optimum style they can adapt.
Preparing a template works for any topic. While choosing an English essay topic, students can always refer to the template they have prepared for the topic. For example, a history essay would fit into a template that allows historical dates to be entered into a standard format. The bibliography would follow the reference style mentioned in the curriculum. Such templates can be prepared for different subjects including social studies, mathematics, and science. The medium of instruction would be English, so most topics would have templates as per the subject matter students would be covering.
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