A 1500 Word Essay: How to Fail It

A 1500 Word Essay: How to Fail It
A 1500 Word Essay: How to Fail It
A 1500 word essay is rather a simple assignment. Definitely, a lot depends on a topic and on how well you know a subject. But in general, writing 1500 word essays should not cause you too many troubles.

“How long is a 1500 word essay?” you wonder. Well, it is not too long. Depending on the font you use and its size, your 1500 word essay will be 4-5 pages long.

At a glance, everything seems to be pretty simple with 1500 word essays. However, we know that some students manage to fail even such seemingly easy tasks. How exactly? Sure, one of the main reasons for failure is procrastination. We have to warn you that a good 1500 word essay cannot be prepared in one-two days.

Another reason is an irrational use of time that is left. To give you a vivid example, we have described a situation that is typical for many students who have to write a 1500 word essay.

So, imagine. Your teacher has assigned a 1500 word essay; the deadline is Monday, May 24. Today is Sunday, May 23, and you get down to writing your 1500 word essay.

Sunday, May 23
11.00 – O.k., so what do I have here? A 1500 word essay?
12.00 – this essay becomes annoying, I guess it is time to have lunch and rest for a while.
14.00 – I will read just one page of my favorite magazine and then get back to my essay.
15.00 – fine, just one look at Facebook, and I will start writing.
16.30 – well, so what is the topic I am supposed to cover?
17.30 – it is absolutely impossible to work with an empty stomach!
19.00 – I am back with my paper. Oh, somebody left me a message on Facebook!
22.00 – Gee! A friend just called and told he/she is almost done with all assignments. I do not even have an introduction! And you start writing like crazy.

We are sure this plan does not suit you. So, do not procrastinate! Our tips for writing two-page essays or about basic essay format can be useful too.
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